Faculty & Staff


The purpose of the Office of Communications & PR is to enhance the image and reputation of The Sage Colleges, both within and outside the institution.

Our overall goals are to:

  • increase awareness of Sage’s strengths among target audiences
  • implement a consistent college-wide, branded image
  • stimulate and enable the sharing of information among the Sage community

We operate as an in-house service agency, and are here to help you crystallize your message and present it in a way that is compelling, professional, and fits the Sage brand.

We strive to anticipate the needs and reactions of your target audience. So we want to make sure that your material is well organized, the writing is clear and easy to understand, the claims are sound and well supported, and the language and imagery are appropriate and engaging.

Services we provide for the Colleges include:

Graphic Design & Production

  • consistency of institutional image
  • internal and external collateral for all areas of the college

Alumni Publications & Horizons Magazine

  • alumni publications: Connections for Russell Sage graduates and Crossroads for all other Sage graduates
  • each are printed twice a year and sent as e-newsletters twice a year
  • annual institutional showcase magazine, Horizons

Media Relations

  • press releases, advisories, pitches
  • news conferences
  • media tracking (gathering and reporting on news hits)

Special Writing Projects

  • admission
  • recruitment marketing
  • development
  • event-specific
  • alumni publications

Web Development

  • www.sage.edu website
  • strategic web and web-content development
  • online communication tools
  • social-media management and advisement